Fabric Christmas present ornament – DIY tutorial

Right in time before the big Christmas rush, here is the third and last instalment of our Christmas tutorial series. So far I was posting one tutorial per week. But as you can guess it takes a long time to come up with a good tutorial. You have to factor in trials to finalise design, taking pictures, preparing tutorial and editing pictures. I am now in a situation where I have less time as various areas of my business are picking up. From now on I will post a full tutorial each month, and will keep posting tips and sharing any nice tutorial coming my way.

After the mini stocking and the burlap ornament, we will be making a gift shaped fabric ornament. Due to its size it is ideal to use up these fabric scraps that clutter your stash. And this is the true quick project: one ornament can be made in around half an hour (a bit less if you use your machine, a bit more if you stick to hand stitching as I did).


To make a fabric Christmas present ornament you will need basic sewing supplies (scissors, needle and pins), sewing machine (if you wish so) and:

  • Scrap of red and white fabric,
  • Scrap of light pink felt,
  • Matching threads,
  • Cotton twine.

1 – Cut two 5x5cm (2”x2”) squares of red and white fabric. Cut a 4x4cm (1 5/8”x1 5/8”) square of felt (you can cut more felt squares if you want to give a plumper look to you gift). Cut four 1x6cm (3/8” x 2 3/8”) felt strips.

Lay the felt square, then lay one red fabric piece on top, right side up. Lay two strips of pink felt in a cross shape on top of the fabric to achieve design shown on picture 1. Pin all layers together. Make a running stitches along long edges of both felt strips.

Repeat for second piece of fabric and two remaining felt strips.

Picture 1

2 – Pin red and white fabric pieces right sides in, making sure felt strips are aligned. Make a back stitch along three of the square edges using matching thread. Trim extra felt and clip sown corners, as shown on picture 2.1 .

Turn inside out, making sure the corner are in good shape. Close the opening using a ladder stitch (invisible stitch), as shown on picture 2.2.

Picture 2.1
Picture 2.2

3 – Cut out a 1x10cm (3/8”x4”) felt strip and shape it into a bow following these steps:

1) Fold one half of the strip so it forms a loop as shown on picture 3.1.

Picture 3.1

2) Fold the other half in the same way so there are now two loops as shown on picture 3.2.

Picture 3.2

3) Knot a piece of string where both loops joined as shown on picture 3.3.

Picture 3.3

4) Loop the thread several times around the joining part and secure with a double knot, as shown on picture 3.4.

Picture 3.4

4 – Cut any extra thread. Stitch the bow at the top of the gift ornament. Knot some cotton thread at the base of the bow. And voilà!

Here is your ornament!

I am happy I am done with the Christmas tree ornaments. I have half of the gifts sorted. Still two biggies to fix as far as I am concerned: the Advent Calendar (more on this later this week) and the Christmas wreath. What about you? How is the Christmas run going so far?

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