Burlap Christmas ornament – DIY tutorial

It is about time I post the second tutorial of the Christmas 2012 series. The first one was this felt mini stocking ornament. Today we make a lovely bauble like ornament with burlap, some ribbon and felt scraps.

Burlap is a beautiful though a bit tricky to work with material. It is not easy to cut it straight and it ends to fray a lot. For this project we will use fusible interfacing to prevent this to happen.

Apart from that this is an easy project that offers as many variations as you can imagine. Burlap always works well with white, a touch of colour is added thanks to some pretty ribbon. Why not making several of these ornaments using different colours ribbons?


To make the burlap ornament you will need basic sewing supplies (robust scissors, needle and pins) as well as:

  • burlap (20 cm – 8”),
  • fusible interfacing and iron (same amount as burlap),
  • white ric-rac (approx. 20 cm – 8”),
  • colourful ribbon (approx. 10 cm – 4”),
  • white felt,
  • matching threads,
  • filling,
  • cotton twine.

1 – Press the fusible interfacing on the burlap piece as per manufacturer instructions. Cut out two 10 cm (4”) burlap squares. Trace a 8 cm (3 1/8”) circle on the interfacing side of each square and cut out the circle shapes.

Picture 1

2 – Arrange and loosely stitch the ric-rac and ribbon on one of the circles to secure it (basting stitches in red on picture 2). Using matching thread, stitch each piece of ribbon making sure the stitches are not visible. Remove the basting stitches.

Picture 2

3 – Pin both burlap circles together, right sides out. Using matching thread, make a running stitch  3-4 mm (1/8”) away from the circle edge. Leave an opening and insert some filling, just enough to give a slight bump shape to the ornament. Then resume stitching to fully close the ornament. Trim the burlap and ribbons edges as needed.

Picture 3

4 – Make a hanging loop with the cotton twine and stitch it at the top of the ornament. Make a bow using some white felt and stitch it so it hides the hanging loop stitches.

This project was a bit of a challenge as sewing with burlap is not so easy. I learnt a couple of tricks along the way and will make sure to share with you all later. Is there any material you are not comfortable sewing with and/or tips you want to share? I would love to hear your thoughts.

12 thoughts on “Burlap Christmas ornament – DIY tutorial

  1. This is soooo cute. I’m back in college this year so while money is tight I’ll be finished lectures in the first week of December. So I plan on making lots of my Christmas presents this year and I’m thinking a selection of handcrafted ornaments might be perfect!

  2. This is so adorable! I am making this tomorrow! I’ve been making all kinds of burlap stuff this year. I bought 3 yards and it’s great! I’m totally going to stalk your site now! 🙂

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