Gift ideas for the crafter in your life

Did I mention Christmas was around the corner? Maybe once or twice I have to admit. Not meaning to get you all panicky but you need to sort your gift list. Always the one to help, I’ll suggest a thing or two you could give to someone you know/love and who is into crafts. And I may include myself in the latter.

1 – Supplies

Crafter are always in need of more supplies. To make a real gift of them, go for the more luxurious ones, the types one never buy for themselves. This includes noble materials (such as silk, silver, etc.) or the designer supplies. If you are not sure what to choose, a very good option is to give your favourite crafter a voucher to spend in their favourite shop. Believe me: giving them the opportunity to browse a supply shop and pick supplies for free is a GREAT gift.

2 – Courses

A crafter is always looking at mastering new skills. Whether online or in real life, there has to be a course they would like. There are chances they already master their core craft quite well, so why not giving them the opportunity to learn about a sister craft or related subject? For instance, a quilter may love a course about colours, a card maker may like to learn about paper making techniques.

3 – Books

Of course, crafters love a good technical book. If you’re going to give them a book, go for beautiful rather than useful. Here again, the book does not have to be related to a specific craft. See it as an opportunity to inspire your beloved crafter, pick a book about general art and craft trends (design, colour, materials, etc.).

4 – Craft related crafted gifts

This is the beauty of it: crafts allow to make craft related gifts. Look for handmade gifts, you’re sure to strike a chord. There are plenty of handmade selling platforms out there, here is a selection of what I found on Etsy:

I don’t deny all this advice applies to me as well. As a crafter, what gift would you love to get?

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