Mini stocking ornament – DIY tutorial

Here you go, this is the first tutorial of the Christmas series for this year. Today we are making a mini stocking ornament. It is made of felt and I have picked a vibrant pink, because this is one of my favourite colours. Also my plan is to eventually make a whole family of vibrant mini stockings, I have a thing for collections.

This is a quick project requiring only small amount of felt, here is the step by step tutorial.


  • Pink felt ;
  • Scraps of white felt;
  • White thread ;
  • Matching pink thread ;
  • Approx. 20cm (8”) of thick cotton thread ;
  • Paper and pencil.

1 – Draw the stocking shape, including pieces for cuff, toe and heel. The cuff piece should be a bit wider than the sock. Cut out the 4 pieces as shown on picture 1.

Cut two sock shapes from the pink felt. Cut one cuff, one toe and one heel piece from the white felt.

Picture 1

2 – Pin each of the white pieces on one of the pink pieces and then stitch using white thread and a running stitch, as shown on picture 2.

Picture 2

3 – Knot both ends of the cotton thread together. Stitch the hanging loop on the wrong side of the other pink felt piece as shown on picture 3.

Picture 3

4 – Pin and stitch both pink felt pieces together using a whip stitch and pink thread. Be sure to hide the stitches beneath any of the white pieces when you come across one, as shown on picture 4.

Picture 4

5 – Trim the white pieces if needed so the stocking looks at its best. You’re done, happy?

Last year I made an Advent Calendar with a similar design of stocking, you can check it out here.

As I said, I will make collections of colourful stocking ornaments as I think Christmas should not only be all red and green. What are your favourite Christmas colours? Do you pick new colours every year?

7 thoughts on “Mini stocking ornament – DIY tutorial

    1. Thanks for mentioning this, I had forgotten I did one last year 🙂 I now have added the link at the bottom of the post.

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