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Make your own portable felt moustache – Tutorial

Movember is coming up girls. Only a few days left before males start showing off their hairy faces, too happy it is ok not to shave. But two weeks won’t be enough for you gals to grow a moustache you will be proud of. My solution: make your own felt moustache.

The portable felt moustache is stylish though practical, light and small enough to fit in your smaller handbag. You can wear it in a number of social occasions. For instance Mo Running is coming up in Dublin on 17th November. Why not wearing your portable moustache then?

Nothing simpler than making a felt moustache, see below for step by step instructions.


  • Scissor, needle and pins ;
  • Black felt ;
  • Black thread ;
  • Elastic thread ;
  • Paper and pencil.

1 – Draw a moustache to fit your face, you can pick any design you want (did you know there are plenty of different types of moustache and that they even have names?). Cut out the paper moustache.

2 – Cut out two felt moustaches using the paper template you’ve just made.

Picture 2

3 – Cut the right lenght of elastic thread (it should be enough to fit around your head and make solid knots). Secure the middle of the elastic thread on one of the felt moustaches with some stitches as shown on picture 3.

Picture 3

4 – Lay the second felt moustache on top of the elastic thread and pin two moustaches. Make a running stitch along the edge of both moustache pieces using the black thread. You’re done.

Picture 4

Are guys around you getting ready for Movember? Have you planned something special for this month?

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