Boo Felt Bunting- Halloween – DIY Tutorial Easy felt project 3/3

For the last of my “3 easy felt projects”, let’s get ready for Halloween. It is crazy how everything and everybody is turning into Christmas fairies and nobody seems to give a damn about Halloween. But this year it is happening, just like previous years.

Here is some Boo Bunting rather cute than spooky but still fit for Halloween. It is easy and quick (one hour maximum) as well as inexpensive. Bunting is made of felt and pieces are held together with orange and white twine. Ghosts and letters are applique on orange pieces. Here is how to do it in some quick steps…


Apart from basic sewing supplies (scissors et needle) you will need:

  • Orange felt (25x8cm – 10” x 3 1/8”);
  • White felt (10x10cm – 4” x 4”) ;
  • White thread ;
  • Orange and white twine (2m – 2 yards) ;
  • Paper ;
  • Pencil.

1 – Draw a triangle with each side measuring 8 cm (3 1/8”). Draw three squares with sides measuring 3 cm (1 1/8”). Draw each of these so they fit in one of the squares: “B”, “O” and a little ghost, as shown on picture 1.

Picture 1

2 – Cut out the paper triangle and the three shapes you just draw. I recommend you only cut edges of the three shapes and freehand cut out the holes (eyes, etc.) directly on felt (see picture 2.1). Using the templates you just made, cut out felt:

  • orange felt: 5 triangles ;
  • white felt: one “B”, two “O” and two ghosts.

You now have the felt pieces shown on picture 2.2.

Picture 2.1
Picture 2.2

3 – Stitch each white shape on one orange felt piece using white thread and a running stitch, see example of result on picture 3.

Picture 3

4 – Position the middle of your twine thread on the middle of the top edge of one of the “O” triangles so the bunting will be centred. Stitch the twine on top of the orange felt using white thread and a running as shown on picture 4. Then stitch the 4 other triangles in the same way. Tadaaaaah!

Picture 4

Are you crafting for Halloween or did you skip it so you can rather focus on Christmas?

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