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Boys who do crafts, yeah!

You know what I mean? In this crafty sphere of ours, there are not many boys around. You may not know I am very much into gender equality and I think it is a pity men wouldn’t get to enjoy some crafting just because it is supposedly for ladies only. Happily enough, some guys do crafts, enjoy it and talk about it.

I don’t usually do sexist blogging, but just for this time I give you a little collection of crafty boys because they’re worth it.

Made by Joel

Joel makes things for us all to enjoy. His blog focusses on art and craft for children and their carer. But young and not so young, ladies and gentleman, even if you’re broke, you’ll find a nice project for you to make in Joel’s workshop.

Mr X Stitch

Since 2008 Jamie “Mr X” Chalmers and his team have been featuring contemporary embroidery and needlecraft artists. Showcased projects are unconventional and most of the time mind blowing.

Rugged Flair

Here is a male approach to crafting. A great fan of Martha Stewart, Sean Joseph crafts with a definitive male twist and it feels good. This is what I ma talking about: crafts for everyone. Sean’s creations are brilliant. I have a soft spot for his Exit sign collage.


Paul Overton’s blog is intended to facilitate the conversation between all kinds of people who do things, whatever their gender, whatever craft/art they’re into. Projects featured on the Dude Craft blog are all inspiring and I could recommend enough to check them out.

Mark Montano

Mark Montano

He says he sleeps with a loaded glue gun. I can easily believe it, given the number of tutorials he shares on his blog. His projects are all unconventional and elegant at the same time. He is also the author of a number books worth checking out.

4 thoughts on “Boys who do crafts, yeah!

  1. Thank you for sharing these great sites. i love there perspective. Its nice to get ideas for making craft ideas for men in my life!!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment techiewoman and welcome on this blog. I agree with you: it feels good to see an other perspective of crafting.

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