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WIP – Knitting a plum shawlette

Yes, the air is chillier and days are shorter: time to let those knitting needles out of their cave. At the moment I am working on this beautiful shawlette. The pattern is from Audrey at Petit Bout de Moi. It is available on Ravelry in French and English.

I highly recommend this project because it is extra pretty and quite easy to make (ahem so far). The first part is only about knit, pearls and yarn over. I am a bit worried about the second part because it involves knitting with short rows, which I had never heard about before.

Anyway, I keep knitting my lace, because I can and also because it is the perfect project for the quit smoking me: rows are quick and I can complete a couple of them everytime I would need a cigarette.

Have you noticed this is yet an other knitting project with this same plum yarn of mine? Earlier this year I made gauntlets for me and my daughter, and even a hat for her. And I still have some of this delightful yarn left, could I really be happier?

I keep you posted on the short rows story . Have you started knitting for the winter?

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