The Innocent Big Knit 2012

My 5 little hats for the Big Knit 2011

Good news everyone: Innocent have launched the Big Knit 2012! This is a really fun way to raise funds for Age Action: for each little hat you knit and send to them, Innocent will give 25c to Age Action. And the funniest part is: each hat is fitted on one of the Innocent bottles sold in shops from January.

Irish innocent knitters have until Friday 30th November 2012 to forward their hat to Innocent, let’s get going! Last year I was a little late and only had time to knit five of them. This year I want to knit at least 30, that is if my yarn stash allows it. Now sorry and bye bye, I have mini hats to make.

8 thoughts on “The Innocent Big Knit 2012

  1. These are absolutely adorable! 30 won’t take too long and if you are working from your stash – each one will be different and you will be knitting as fast as you can just to see how it turns out!! Good luck – I hope you make your goal.

    1. Hey Pearletta, I’d love to see your hats. I am having fun with colours and patterns this year too. The guys in Innocent may think I was on drugs when I knitted the hats 🙂

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