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A Make a Month – August 2012

Did you notice? I didn’t post any project for July. Naughty me. I was away most of July and went for a craft free month. But now I’m back with some August stuff. Look at this felt Christmas angel ornament. I know Christmas does not happen in August, but December is not so far away. And I found it was a good idea to get ready early so you can dedicate the last few weeks to actually freak out about the menus/gifts/guests vs decoration.

This is an original design coming straight from my brain. I am really pleased with the result, it looks soft, poetic and really christmassy. The angel is not difficult to put together but it is a bit long as there are lots of details.

It took me quite a while to finalise the pattern, that is why I have decided to put it up for sale along with the tutorial. Watch this space, I should be able to share with you some time in October. Of course for a very reasonable cost.

This month challenge is hosted by Hookin’ with Laa Laa. Go and have a look at what the other have made in August. The Flickr repository is here.

5 thoughts on “A Make a Month – August 2012

  1. What a little sweetie! You have a talent for creating faces with personality that is for sure.
    So, so nice to see another brave soul posting Christmas this early in the season. Merry merry!

    1. I know, people may think we are crazy but Christmas is in only 121 days. Arrrrrrgh. Thanks a lot for your nice comment.

  2. Gorgeous makes, I have done a little guest blog post over at Hookin with LaaLaa about the monthly makes and I have shown your beautiful make. I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your photo. Kandi x

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