Flowery felt coasters – DIY tutorial

Half way through August and I am still deep into summer flowers craft. I know back to school is quite soon but I can’t help myself: I want more summer because I didn’t have much.

This week I came up with these felt coasters. I love their bold colours and Japanese Anime like shapes. They could as well be done in pastels or even neutrals, after all autumn is on its way.

The three layers of felt they are made of give a nice and sturdy feeling to the coasters. I really enjoyed making those, this project put me in a peaceful state of mind.

This is an easy project requiring only basic skills. One coaster take about 1 1/2 hour to make. The coasters are 10 cm (4”) across. Below are step by step instructions and free template to make your own in whatever colour you fancy.


To make one flower coaster you will need:

  • Main flower colour felt (shown in orange): 22×16 cm (9”x6 1/2”)
  • Yellow felt: scrap of about 4×4 cm (2”x2”)
  • Thread to match each felt colour.
  • Flower template provided for free here.

Step by step

1 – Print the templates (better result if printed on light cardboard) and cut pieces out.

2 – Using the paper shapes cut out:

  • main colour felt: 2 large circles and 5 petals (shown in pink);
  • yellow felt: 1 centre.
Picture 2

3 – Position and pin the yellow centre in the middle of one of the larger circles, making sure there is still room for the 5 petals as shown on picture 3. Make a running stitch close to the edge of the centre using the yellow thread.

Picture 3

4 – Position and pin the first petal. Using the pink thread, make a running stitch along both sides and smaller curvy edge as shown on picture 4.1. Stitches on the sides should start about 3-4mm from larger curvy edge as shown on diagram 4.2. Leave the longer curvy edge alone for the moment.

Picture 4.1
Diagram 4.2

5 – Repeat step 4 for four other petals.

6 – Pin both larger circles together with flower up. Make a running stitch around the flower on the parts of the petals you have left aside in steps 4 and 5. Start and finish your stitching between the 2 layers so knots are hidden. At the end of this step it should look like on picture 6.1 and 6.2.

Picture 6.1
Picture 6.2

7 – Trim extra felt by cutting around the petal edges as shown on picture 7. Be careful not to cut through the stitching. You may need to use an embroidery scissor for tricky bits where two petals join.

Picture 7

8 – Here you go. You now have one coaster as shown on picture 8.

Picture 8

What colour will you do next?

This project is part of Handmade Monday 80 hosted by the Handmade Harbour. Go check out what other participants have made!

22 thoughts on “Flowery felt coasters – DIY tutorial

  1. I’ve not had enough summer either, so am cheered by projects like this. The coasters are really lovely and I love the colours you’ve chosen.

  2. I’m with you with the summer theme. I am still thinking of flowers and these are gorgeous. They are really bold and colourful and thanks to your tutorial look really easy too. Autumn colours would work well. Could they be adapted for Christmas themed coasters?

    1. Thanks Helen, but I am really not a professional photgrapher. Each picture takes me ages, I really need to work on my photo skill, and then I will shate with you all.

  3. These are so lovely – far too nice to put drippy drinks on! You could also make them into a mobile so summer is here all through the year! Thanks for sharing a very clear tutorial. Have a great week, Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo, they would definitely work as a mobile, thanks for suggesting. Maybe the flowers should be made a bit smaller and why not adding a little mirror like piece so it catches the sun? Hmmm, that would be nice!

  4. Wonderful tutorial. I’m saving it as I think my DIL would love these. She’s very into the vintage (1960s and 1970s) stuff. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks Susie, please let us know how you and your DIL are doing. I would like to see photos of your work.

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