About to turn off the computer…

You may have noticed I was in a good mood these last few days. This is because I am about to turn off my computer for most of July. I know, it’s amazing. The most amazing is this: I have also decided to go crafting free for all this time off, so it can be a proper restful break and I can enjoy time with the kids. I’ll let you know how it went as I already feel the need to learn how to crochet…

I also know how you feel just right now: very sad and lonely. But don’t worry. One post will be published each week during July. You will get tutorials, tutorials and more tutorials. Some are mine and other I  have found on other blogs.

Please don’t take my not being online as an excuse to forget me. As they say in all good voicemail: “I am currently away from the office with no access to internet. Please leave a message, I’ll answer when I return”.

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