How I got to know my sewing machine – basic tips and know how

My sewing machine has been around for close to ten years now but I never properly learnt how to use it. I made up things as I went and at some stage I felt I may have missed some basic stuff. So I went to look for instructions on Internet. Of course I found a lot of tutorials and videos but I have narrowed it down to three for you. These should allow you to get started with your sewing machine and handle the most common issues.

1 – How to use a sewing machine (wikiHow)

I would call this one “Sewing Machine 101” because it really gives the basic knowledge for any type of sewing machine. Of course it includes threading and using the machine, but also how to install it properly on your work table and how to sew a sharp corner.

2 – How to Sew (using a sewing machine) (instructables)

This instructable gives some basic tips but also includes important steps to take before actually starting to sew: how to get a sewing machine and choose a fabric.

3 – Sewing Machine 911 (Craftsy.com)

This is one of the growing number of Craftsy.com on line classes and it is absolutely free. First it discusses the parts and types of machines which is useful enough. But it also includes video on trouble shooting (including the dreaded tension issues) and machine hygiene (to keep it going longer).

Do you have video or tutorial you refer to when it comes to using/fixing your sewing machine? Would you like to share it with us all?

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