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A Make a Month 2012 – May and June

How early I am for my June make! A Make a Month is initiated by Annie the Felt Fairy and hosted by Kandi Pandi in June and I have signed up for one make a month so here we go.

Actually this is a double bill as I never published what I made in May. This was a gift for Mother’s Day which was on 3rd June in France and I know my mum reads this blog, so I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Gardeners Apron

My mum’s gift was a gardener apron as seen on Sew, Mama, Sew. I made it with taupe and purple flowery fabric, it worked quite well. So well that I did a second one for me with beige and red/pink stripy fabric. This is an easy project made out of two fat quarters. I made the pockets a bit smaller for mine as I plan to use it for my sewing stuff.

Kids pillow cases

In June I made some pillow cases for my kids. This is the kind of object I would like to sell in my shop but I didn’t have a clue of how to make it. So I made two basic ones from scratch, but I’m sure one could find good tutorials for this. The stripy one is for my daughter, it is made with a decor fabric from P Kaufmann. The second one for my son features a cheeky alien head made out of orange felt.

More pitcures on the June challenge Flickr group. Go and have a look to see what others have done!

5 thoughts on “A Make a Month 2012 – May and June

  1. It’s fabulous what a great make! It would be great for lots of different things too and would easily make a nice money apron for craft fairs. Would you mind me borrowing a photo of it to blog about the monthly makes later this week, I am the administrator for June and will link back to you here. xx

    1. Of course, feel free to borrow a photo and blog about it, as long as you mention the blog where I found the pattern (Sew, Mama, Sew), I guess this is ok.

    2. And I have just fixed my post, you are now mentioned as the righteous Miss June, sorry for the mix up.

  2. Hi Raphaele, comment ca va? Merci pour votre “email” ok so down to biz, the “gift cards” I got in K&M Evans ( down in Smithfield. They were just trying to get rid of them 1 c each, in fact I might send hubby down to get more if they have them. Are you able to get down that area of town, otherwise I can get him to get some and post them to you. ( Fi

    1. Thanks a mil Fiona! I didn’t know about K&M EVans at all and I can easily access this part of town. A new spot for me to visit, hurray!

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