Interview and giveaway with Cherry Blossom Tattoo blog


Carrie from Cherry Blossom Tattoo has been kind enough to have an interview of me on her blog. I really enjoyed answering the questions because it gave me an opportunity to step back and think about my crafty journey. Anyway, if you want to know what I am talking about, visit lovely Carrie’s blog.


To celebrate my first interview as the owner of La Creature and you, let’s have a give away. You’re a bunch of lucky ducks because I am giving away one lovely fabric box. This is one of the new range of boxes I am developing at the moment, more are for sale in my Etsy shop. This one is made of burlap, with white lining and a felt heart appliqué at the front. The box is approximately 10x10cm (4×4’’). On the pictures, the box is 14 cm (5.5’’) height. Lining fold can also be smaller or removed which would change the height of the box. Look at this:

How do I enter?

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below. Your name will be entered in a draw or like my Facebook page. If you do both, you get two chances to win: your name will be entered twice in the draw.If you go for the Facebook road, please leave me a note on the page so I know you came for this very giveaway.

Entries will be accepted until Sunday 3rd June at 5.00 pm (Dublin time i.e. UTC). Then Carrie will take care of randomly picking the winner. Easy, huh?

2 thoughts on “Interview and giveaway with Cherry Blossom Tattoo blog

  1. love your products, I adore burlap and read your interview on Carrie’s fab blog 🙂
    im not on facebook 😦
    Wish you every success on your crafting journey 🙂 ♥

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