Happy Sleepy Cloud – DIY tutorial


It is good to be back after this unplanned break. It involved cars, insurance and doctors in no particular order. Now everything is back to normal (except my brain, but it never was). At the moment I am tidying up my shop to prepare for launch of new products. As I am clearing the shelves, I thought I would share some of my secrets with you all. Today we are making a Happy Sleepy Cloud. And make sure to come back tomorrow, as there will be a give away to win the supplies for this project.

This happy sleepy cloud has been designed to hang on the nursery door to let everybody know when the little one is asleep. It can also be hanged in the nursery to help getting in a sleepy mood. And of course you could hang it anywhere you feel like: Christmas tree, wardrobe door, etc.

This is an easy project that can be completed in about 1 hour. Finished cloud is approx. 7×10 cm (3×4 ‘‘) ; ribbon is approx. 10 cm (4 ‘‘). Let’s see what are the steps to make the Happy Sleepy Cloud…


To make one Happy Sleepy Cloud, you’ll need:

  • Cloud template downloadable for free here
  • Light blue felt (approx. 12x14cm – 5×5.5”)
  • Some matching blue sewing thread
  • White embroidery floss
  • Ribbon (approx. 22 cm – 8 ‘’)
  • Filling

1 – Cut out the cloud shapes

Using the cloud template provided, cut out two cloud shapes in the light blue felt. it is better to cut them both at the same time to make sure they match. Pick one to be the front piece, the other one will be your back piece. Make sure you have them matching, wrong side facing.

2 – Eyes and mouth

Cut a 35 cm (14 ‘‘) long piece of white embroidery thread. Separate it into three double threads. Stitch the eyes and mouth using a backstitch so it looks like on picture 1. There should be no gap between the stitches and each stitch should be about 0.4 cm (1/8 ‘‘).

If you are not comfortable doing it straight away, you can practice on some scrap felt.

Picture 1

3 – Ribbon

Fold your piece of ribbon into two. To help holding the two ends together while you sew them to the cloud, stitch a cross using some blue sewing thread as shown on picture 2 below. The cross should be less than 1 cm (3/8 ‘‘).

Picture 2

Position the ribbon on the inside face of the back piece as shown on picture 3. Sew the ribbon on the inside face of the back piece as shown on picture 4. Use an invisible stitch, passing the needle through the top part of the felt only. Check as you go that the stitch is not showing on the outside face. The trick is to make sure the ribbon sits perpendicularly to the cloud.

Picture 3

Picture 4

4 – Stitch around

Pin the two cloud pieces together, eyes and mouth facing you and ribbon sitting between the two pieces. Pick some more white embroidery thread and start sewing the two cloud pieces together using a running stitch. Start from one side of the cloud as the bottom has to be left opened to insert the filling later on (see picture 5 for example).

Picture 5

When you start, pass the needle from below the front face so you can hide the end of the thread inside the cloud, as shown on picture 8. Stitch 3 mm (1/8 ‘‘) away from the border, a stitch should be about 0.4 cm (1/8 ‘‘). Make sure your running stitches look good on both front and back pieces.

When there is only the bottom opening left, put your needle and thread aside. There is no need to cut the thread now.

5 – Filling

Pick some of the filling and roughly shape it as the cloud to fill. Insert through the bottom opening. Feel free to adjust the shape, add or remove filling to achieve the desired shape. Now you can pick the needle and thread you had set aside and resume your running stitching to totally close the cloud.

Here you go, you have just made a happy sleepy cloud. Well done you!