Party bag – part two: dinosaur – DIY tutorial


Last week we made a shooting star party bag. Now for something a bit more boyish: here is the dinosaur party bag. This is quite easy to make and each bag takes approximately 45 minutes to make.


The party bag is 16×12 cm (6.3×4.7’’). Below is the step by step guide with plenty of pictures and including template. Let’s do it!



For the dinosaur felt party bag you will need:

  • Blue felt – two 19.5×14 cm (7.7×5.5’’) pieces per bag
  • Contrasting sewing thread (I picked yellow)
  • Black embroidery floss
  • Dinosaur template downloadable for free here
  • Scrap of green felt for dinosaur appliqué
  • Ribbon – 45 cm (17.7’’) per bag

1 – Cut out the felt

For each bag, cut two 19.5×14 cm (7.7×5.5’’) pieces of blue felt. Using the paper template provided, cut the dinosaur shape. For each bag you should have the felt pieces as shown on picture 1.

Picture 1

2 – Appliqué the dinosaur

Pin the dinosaur on the front of the bag so the bottom of the dinosaur is approximately 5 cm (2’’) away from the bag edge (see picture 2).

Picture 2

Making a running stitch with your contrasting sewing thread, stitch the dinosaur to the bag front (as shown on picture 3). Then move to stitching dinosaur details using a single embroidery thread. The eye is made of two simple short stitches side by side. Mouth and toes are made with a longer single stitch. Result of this step is shown on picture 4.

Picture 3
Picture 4

3 – Sew the bag

Right sides facing each other, pin the sides and bottom of the bag. Make sure the dinosaur motive is in the right direction (i.e. the top of the bag is open). Stitch the right side first, starting 5 cm (2’’) from the top edge, then stitch the bottom and the left side, stopping at 5 cm (2’’) from the top edge. Trim about 0.5 cm (0.2’’) of the sides you have not stitched, as shown on picture 5.

Picture 5

4 – Sew the cord casing

Fold the top of the bag sides so the top touches the end of the stitches. The overall bag should now be 17 cm (6.7’’) high (including seam allowance) and should now look like on picture 5. Stitch at 1.5 cm (0.6’’) from bag top edge as shown on picture 6 to form the cord casing. The bag should look like picture 7 at the end of this step.

Picture 6
Picture 7

5 – Insert the cord

Thread the ribbon through the casing using a safety pin as shown on picture 8. Gather the ribbon two ends with a knot and you’ll have a finished bag. Well done!

Picture 8

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