Make felt buttons – DIY tutorial

If you are like me and just love buttons, you will love this project. Felt buttons are so easy to make and quite versatile. You can use them in gift wrapping, hair accessories, clothes or home decoration, mount them as brooch, and probably a lot more things I have not devised yet. If you want to see a couple of examples of these uses, just scroll down to the end of the post.


What is nice about this project is it allows endless variations (in size, colours, decoration) to fit your purpose and buttons are quite quick to make, allow around half an hour. Here two sizes template are provided but you can of course experiment with more sizes. Below is step by step tutorial to make a green larger button with pink outline.



To make one 4.5 cm (1.7”)button you will need:

  • Template downloadable for free here.
  • Felt – approximately 5x10cm (2×4”)
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Contrasting embroidery thread
  • Puncher ( I used a simple paper puncher but you may need a sturdier tool puncher like a leather puncher if your felt is more than 1.5 mm – 0.1” thick).

1 – Cut out template and felt

Cut the paper template and take out the four button holes using your punching tool. Then use the paper template to cut out two pieces of felt. It is better to cut both at the same time so they match exactly. You’ll end up with two felt circles as shown on picture 1.

Picture 1

2 – Stitch

Pick two threads out of six from a piece of embroidery thread and join the two felt pieces with a running stitch all around the pieces. Result of this step is shown on picture 2.

Picture 2

3 – Punch holes

Position the paper template on top of the felt pieces and punch in the four holes as demonstrated on picture 3. If your puncher is anything like mine you may need to refine the holes with scissors. You should end up with something like picture 4.

Picture 3
Picture 4

4 – Stitch the holes

Using the matching sewing thread, do a whip stitch in the inside of each of the four holes, as shown on picture 5. The idea is to stitch the two layers of felt together to give a more button like finish. And you’re done!

Picture 5

5 – What do I do with my felt buttons?

Below are a couple of examples of how the felt buttons can be used but I have a feeling the possibilities are endless. See, you can experiment with size and colours, make clusters of buttons, create accessories out of them, etc. Now it is your turn to go and experiment. Please let me know what you make with your felt buttons!


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