Create eyes for your felt/fabric creatures – tips

There are several ways to create eyes for your felt creatures. Here I share my favourite techniques, and I guess some would also apply to other types of fabric.

Embroidered eyes

This is my favourite technique because it allows to give virtually any shapes to the eyes: open eyes, closed eyes, tired eyes, etc. This works better with a single or double embroidery thread. The secret is not to stitch too tight so the eyes really stands out and are not lost in the felt.

Oval shaped eyes
Closed eyes
Drunk eyes


Because of the looks of brads (and material they are made out of), it works well with funky style creatures (monsters, comic style or kawai). This is clean and easy: insert the brad in the felt, bend open the brad ends and you’re done.

Ninja brad eyes

Tiny piece of felt

This can specially useful for animals (like birds) who have roundy eyes. Often you need to couple this technique with a stitch or two or even some beads. It takes a bit of practice to cut out small roundy felt pieces but it is worthy.

Roundy felt eyes


Smaller beads can be stitched flat or not to create eyes. Unfortunately I don’t have an example to show you, but I promise I’ll add one as soon as I get one.


Tiny buttons (around 6mm / 0.2”) can make really lovely eyes and the good thing about this is it allows to play with colours. There are also specific type of buttons used to create teddy eyes. They are kind of mushroom shaped and come in various colour and sizes. No photo for this one neither I’m afraid.

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