Love heart and ribbon felt ornament – DIY Tutorial

Here is a felt ornament simple and quite quick to make. For this project I got inspired by the upcoming Mother’s Day: it can be used as an ornament or a classy gift tag.

Expect to finish the project in about one hour. This requires only basic sewing skills and is quite easy to make, except for a tricky part when sewing the ribbons. Here is a step by step tutorial with plenty of pictures so you know where you’re going.

Heart ribbon ornament 1


Heart ribbon ornament supplies

For this project you will need:

  • Template (downloadable for free here)
  • Some white felt – approx. 5.5×5.5cm (2.2×2.2”)
  • Some light pink felt – approx. 16×8 cm (6.2×3.1”)
  • White sewing thread
  • White embroidery floss
  • Ribbon – approx. 16cm (6.2”). NB: the thinner the ribbon, the easier the project.
  • Cotton Twine – approx. 25 cm (10”).

1 – Cut out the felt

Using the circle and heart templates, cut one heart piece in the white felt and two circle pieces in the pink felt (as per picture 1).

Picture 1

2 – Stitch the ribbons on front side

Position the ribbons as you wish on the felt heart and secure them with a loose stitch as shown on picture 2. Then do a running stitch along the edges of the ribbons as shown on picture 3 and remove the loose stitches. You will end up with ribbon solidly in place with loose ends as shown on picture 4.

Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

3 – Stitch the ribbons on back side

Fold the loose end of the ribbons over the edge making sure this does not alter the heart shape. You can make a couple of loose stitches to secure them before you start your overcast stitch as shown on picture 5. You should stitch all ends but there is no need to stitch too small or too tight. When you are done you should have a heart looking like picture 6 on front and picture 7 on back.

Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

 4 – Stitch the heart to the circle front piece

Position the heart in the middle of one of the pink felt circles (that would be your front piece) and to a running stitch all around the heart shape as shown on picture 8.

Picture 8

5- Stitch front and back pieces together

Position the front and back circle making sure they match. Pick some embroidery floss, separate two threads from the rest and use them to make a running stitch all around the circles to attach the front and back piece together (see picture 9). When this is done you’ll get a something similar to picture 10.

Picture 9
Picture 10

6 – Attach the cord

Using a large hole needle (you may want to use a tapestry needle), pass the twine below the top stitch of the ornament and out again (see picture 11). Then you can make a knot to create the hanging loop, of course the length of the loop is absolutely up to you. And you’re done!

Picture 11

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