Advent calendar

It may be late for this year but it will leave you plenty of time to get this project done by next December. This year I have made an advent calendar with a collection of felt stockings hung on a string and fixed on the chimney mantelpiece. These are actual little stockings so they can be stuffed with small treats or gifts. As I didn’t want the little people to eat all the treats at once, I have stuffed the stocking with mini rolled messages. On each on there is a clue on where to find the treat of the day.

Here is a step by step guide to make the stocking advent calendar:

1 – Pick your colours
Of course it is up to you and highly depends on the colours you picked for your Christmas decoration. I found using mixed colours felt works well to get the stocking garland to stand out. For the white border I have used 100% synthetic felt, it is not as good quality as the 30% wool one I have used for the stocking but it has a fluffier look that is perfect. Don’t forget to pick ribbon as well, it will be used to hang the stocking on the string. You’ll need to sew 24 little stockings.

2 – Gather the supplies
You’ll need:
– Felt for the stocking: approx. 8×7 cm (3.5×2.6”) per stocking. I leave the calculation to you as it depends how many colours you use and how many stocking you choose to make in each colour.
– Felt for the white border: 4×2 cm (1.6×0.8”) per stocking. You should have plenty of felt if you pick a 30x30cm (12×12”) piece.
-White sewing thread and sewing thread matching all the colours picked fort he stockings.
– Ribbon: this is 6 cm (2.3”) per stocking, which amounts to approx. 150cm (59”) in total.
– A piece of thread twice as large as your mantel piece. This way you’re sure you have enough and you can still cut it to the right size once the stockings are in place in the way you want. I have used some twine thread found in my kitchn drawer but some baker twine would work better, especially as they come in lovely colours.
– 24 white stickers to write the days on, they should be about 2.5cm (1”) diameter.

3 – Cut out
For each stocking cut two pieces for the stocking and one piece for the border using the templates below.

If you print out the image using a 100% ratio, you’ll get the right size templates.

4 – Sew 24 stockings
Steps 5 to 7 are to be repeated for each stocking, i.e. 24 times.

5 – Sew the border on the front stocking piece as shown below

6 – Sew the ribbon on the internal face of the back stocking piece.
You need to fold it into two and sew the two ends inside the stocking.

7 – Sew the two stocking pieces together
Proceed as shown below, using matching thread (don’t forget to leave an opening at the top!).

8 – Arrange
Put the stockings in required order on the thread and apply the label on which you can now write the relevant day number.

9 – Stuff
I used mini paper rolls and held them with rubber bands.

10 – Fix the stocking collection on the mantel piece
And let Advent begin!

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