It’s not just about drinking tea – craft business booby traps


Let’s face it: running an online craft business involves a lot of tea drinking. Some fellows crafters says they love being able to work in their pyjamas, I mean yoga pants, and watch daytime television now and then. If you ask people who don’t have a clue they would say it is about stitching/drawing/knitting/what-not-hobbying all day with not a care in the world. As far as I am concerned I never work in my pyjamas, may watch some tv on my lunch break but mostly enjoy the freedom of being my own boss, making my own decisions, getting to know my infinite skills a bit more everyday and getting to create/design/make everyday. However there are some aspects of the crafty and working at home life that could be lead anyone in depressed mood if not carefully managed.

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Can’t stop ironing – surprisingly useful tools for running an online craft business


If you think about business artefacts, what pops to your mind? Business cards, big expensive black pens, desk computer, phone with too many buttons. Yes, me too. But I found my online craft business reality was a tad different. On a daily basis I rather use my camera, my printer and my iron who is now my best friend.

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