Keep Your Home Organised with BrightNest


The guys at BrightNest asked me to post a review of their app. I don’t usually do sponsored posts, but I got totally hooked on this. The BrightNest website is an endless source of tips and ticks and hacks to make your life easier/more organised/more beautiful. I didn’t get to test the app because it is not available for my location (Ireland). That said, after 5 minutes on the website, I had found plenty of treasure posts, to name only a few: “Get crafty with chalkboard paint” (aren’t you obsessed with chalkboard paint too?), “Pest control: spiders” (don’t tell me you like spiders) or “Clean your dishwasher” (yes, mine tends to stink too). Go, have a look and tell me you didn’t find something interesting. I dare you, like.


Sexy market time – win your favourite market bag

Want a market bag-

You’re the hottest chick/dude on the block, you know that? Nobody told you, but nowadays shopping at your local market is the epitome of being-a-good-person. You think before you buy, therefore you’re being good to yourself, to local producers and to the planet. And THIS is hot my friend. So don’t be shy about it and display your sexyness at the market and everywhere else. Just because I want to help, I’ll give away one of my sexy market bags to one lucky winner. Read on to find out how to make it.


New name bags in stock


Personalised bags are now available in two new styles in my Etsy shop. They feature hand printed text in three assorted colours. Pick your poison: the name drawstring bag comes either in purple/green/pink or red/orange/blue. Honestly I don’t know which one I prefer. I particularly enjoy the soft clash of the colours. Of course if you’d rather have them in different colours you should talk to me: I love working based on customers suggestions!