Handmade Bags in Natural Fabrics – book review


Who knew one could crame that many yummy words in one single book title? Look: handmade, bags, natural, fabrics – isn’t it all a girl would dream of? Anyway that’s what went on in my brain when Tuttle Publishing asked if I wanted to review the book. I said something along the lines of: “Are you kidding me? Of course I would!” Or so. The bottom line is: this book didn’t disappoint, au contraire.

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Thelma vs. Delphine – final score – giveaway result


The Thelma vs. Delphine give away is now over. Over two weeks, you people have been picking your favourite design to enter the giveaway. At stake was a personalised lingerie bag of your favourite design. Now the response has been so overwhelming that I have decided to give away not une bag but… two bags!  Join us after the jump to find out who are the lucky winners.

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Thelma vs. Delphine – lingerie bag giveaway



Do you wear underwear? I do. The thing with underwear is: it is small so it is prone to creating mess. Don’t get me wrong, I love my knickers. So much that I want them to feel safe anytime. And I want to be able to find them when I need them. That’s when my lingerie bags come in handy. And they look great, don’t they? If you’d like to win one bag with your name on it, read through for the Thelma vs. Delphine give away guidelines.

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Funky pumpkins, no orange allowed – Halloween round-up

Some crafters get really inspired when it comes to pumpkin decoration. Of course pumpkins are orange. But this year I feel like moving from the traditional colours and get some white/cream and pastels. I have put together a round-up of some ideas I found around on great blogs. Hopefully I’ll get to try them out and you all love them…

Stud pumpkin


Katie at House of Four made this super cute pumpkin as part of a challenge. I love the rock n roll looks on this stud pumpkin.

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Cottage lavender sachets – new in the shop


Colours rock my world. I love them so much that when working on a colourful project I can almost feel them on my taste buds. This is what happened with these cottage shaped lavender sachets. I have added a full stock of them in my Etsy shop. They come in teal blue, dusty pink, almond green and bright orange.


Not sure if this is the colour combination or the golden details but they remind me of macarons. But make no mistake: these babies are filled with 100% dried lavender, nothing else. So if we were to taste them we would probably pull a funny face.


Lavender sachets are such a great thing to have in a house. They keep bugs away from the wardrobe, they make you bed linens smell like Provence, they help refresh a room’s smell, they relax people with their subtle scent… I designed these ones as perfect versatile gifts. They can work for a teacher, a colleague, Christmas stockings, party favour. For everywhere you want to add some brightness and freshness really. Even your own home for that matter! Needless to say I own several of these babies and my studio smells delicious.


The cottage lavender sachets come individually or in set of four. I have only made a limited number so if you want your own I would advise you check out my Etsy shop *right now*.